CSS experiments
19.12 C.A.L.M.A. FM // Part of the P.A.L.M Project
/chill.html // chill with napstablook...
/HSO_03_template.html // HypnoSpace Outlaw unused page mockup thingy.
/fallen.html // wip undertale mockup html thingy.
gbclassic.html // gameboy mockup html thingy, like this one.


Aug.13.22 | C.A.L.M.A FM

Put together a Music Video Player with Especia's best vaporwave goodness, they even have the whole commercial theme so some videos are like a commercial break.
I had a lot of fun putting together some simple template stuff and I'm happy with it (⌐■_■)
Not so much fun fixing the codes tho ( •_•)>⌐■-■
But it's still freeing as after not having a laptop for years, which is actually insane, but whatever.
I really love what everyone else is doing here :) I think I'm gonna tackle this page next, let go of the theme a bit but make the updates more... easy to read, like a blog I guess!

Jul.25.22 | PRFM PORTAL

I created a portal for Perfume stuff indexing, you can access the links page like before, and a new sorta shrine? from this link (eye strain warning).


my dear friend Delta Ouji's album is out! check it out, i'm in it too!